19.7.2020 | No More Quarantine. No More Curfew in Bangkok. How's Everything?

Hi guys, how's it going? For the last two weeks here in Bangkok, everything has started to slowly become like what it used to be. I still didn't go out and explore around much because of the hectic work at the office. Plus, the annual evaluation is coming next week and it's driving me crazy! I hope it all goes well though so wish me luck with a good raise ;)

I hope everyone is doing okay out there. Here, we can go out again, sitting in a restaurant, drinking beer with friends. It's good to finally see people coming out and partying like nothing ever happened. So good yet so weird to see, if you know what I mean. 

People are still wearing masks though. Part of it is, yes, we're still afraid of the virus. But also we're required to wear it wherever we go such as department stores, 7-eleven shops, or big buildings. In the community, some already stop wearing it. I guess they feel much safer now since the infected number here is getting lower every day. 

Decoration on the walkway to Terminal21, department store in Asoke area. #StandTogether might not be a good hashtag during coronavirus so later on they changed to #SmileTogether instead.

Last Friday, we went out to Artbox again. To be honest, I was quite surprised to see lots of foreigners walking and partying along Sukhumvit area. It was pretty strange because for the past few months we barely see them anywhere. (No tourists around and we all had to quarantine.) And suddenly on  Friday night, everything was just kind of back to normal. Suddenly so many foreigners start to show up and party outdoor. Some pubs and restaurants were packed! Finally, Bangkok is slowly getting back to liveliness again. 

Even though the emergency decree still exists, the curfew was denounced. We used to have dinner at our friend's place, be there by 5 pm. and back home before 10 pm. But somehow that feeling of being rush home and staying in during the night still bugging me. Somehow I  still feel like a guilty child being afraid of getting complaints from parents whenever I come home late. 

This is not just only me though. Last Monday, we went to the bbq restaurant in Thonglor and by 9 pm., we were the only table left. I didn't know why people needed to go home that early but we joked with each other that maybe somehow they still used to the curfew period. 

Some restaurants or shops are still closed very early too and that's super annoying. I know that we cannot blame everything on them. What's the point to open late but no customers, right? It's hard enough for them to survive during this difficult time anyway. 

New way of eating in the 'social distancing' era. We came together but not allow to sit together once entering restaurant lol Anyway, A month later, we could finally sit together but the blue barrier still existed.

Alcohol gel were placed every corner of the mall

We walked through a community near Chao Phraya River and found this long line of people queuing and waiting for food from the temple. Social distancing had to wait because people needed to survive.

And this is all I've been experienced so far. Take care, everyone. I'll try to write and let you know more how life in Bangkok be like. Stay safe!


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