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19.7.2020 | No More Quarantine. No More Curfew in Bangkok. How's Everything?

Hi guys, how's it going?  For the last two weeks here in Bangkok, everything has started to slowly become like what it used to be. I still didn't go out and explore around much because of the hectic work at the office. Plus, the annual evaluation is coming next week and it's driving me crazy! I hope it all goes well though so wish me luck with a good raise ;) I hope everyone is doing okay out there. Here, we can go out again, sitting in a restaurant, drinking beer with friends. It's good to finally see people coming out and partying like nothing ever happened. So good yet so weird to see, if you know what I mean.  People are still wearing masks though. Part of it is, yes, we're still afraid of the virus. But also we're required to wear it wherever we go such as department stores, 7-eleven shops, or big buildings. In the community, some already stop wearing it. I guess they feel much safer now since the infected number here is getting lower every day.  Decoration

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